I feel I’ve been bitten by the buying bug. LOL – that sounds like a Dr. Seuss title!

It just seems that every 6-8 weeks I get that itch to buy some decorative item for the home. We really don’t need anything (or have much more space) to add anything downstairs so then my mind will gravitate toward the second floor….I love to decorate so while I think it’s part of my personality, I also think it can definitely become a weakness.

It starts innocently as in seeing someone else’s decorations or discussing the new furniture outlet that just opened. But then it grows more serious as I actually look at items online and even find myself at Michael’s craft store. I swear I was there because Levi wanted to make clay slime. 🙂 Seriously, that was the reason. But the temptation was too great to simply leave the store upon the class ending. No! I just had to look around. I might find the most amazing item at the most amazing price and it would be an offer I could not refuse. Y’all. I just might be half serious with this admission.
If it’s not decorating and DIY for you, adjust the process to include your allure, or your “buying bug” as we’ll call it. The principle is the same regardless.

How do I free myself of this annoying and so easily entertained “buying bug”? So glad you asked….
You ready for this? You simply stop. I remove the temptation altogether, as I know when I am starting to get out of hand. Because it’s not really related to decorating. It has to do with being content with what I have and not trying to keep up with someone else. And realizing the root is a step in the right direction toward shoving it aside.

Once I realize I’m starting the cycle, I won’t let myself window shop online or in store. Does this mean I never buy anything again? That would be horrible…lol and no.
It just means I lay low and refocus. It honestly makes me think I need to pray more as this is a distraction to anything that is important and I certainly don’t want to waste time.

A couple of practical tips to help would be:

1) Set a timer – This practice allows time to “goof off” while ensuring we don’t get sucked in for too long. You don’t even have to set an actual timer. Just allot a block of time, watch the clock and stick with it!
2) Don’t look anywhere near bed time
After I put the kids to bed I’m implementing a “no shopping rule”. I’m trying to avoid using my phone while putting them to bed unless I’m reading a book or the Bible on my phone.

I hope you can relate to the above. Reply and let me know what your “buying bug” is.
I’m praying we all have wisdom to identify the root cause and break free from it with the Father’s help.

Until next time,

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  1. Great advice, Mara, as I’m about to head for Ollies with a 15% discount coupon! My “buying bug” could be most anything that is a really great deal, whether I need it or not. Thrift stores can be a huge snare for me. I rationalize that since it’s so cheap, it’s not too wasteful. But I would hate to know how much $ that I’ve spent over the years on stuff that wasn’t needed.
    Paul’s advice, “Godliness with contentment is great gain” (1 Timothy 6:6), would be helpful to remember as I’m shopping.

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