The Buying Bug

I feel I’ve been bitten by the buying bug. LOL – that sounds like a Dr. Seuss title! It just seems that every 6-8 weeks I get that itch to buy some decorative item for the home. We really don’t need anything (or have much more space) to add anything downstairs so then my mind […] Read more…

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8 Bags of Ivy

Oh, how I wish I took before pictures of our yard! The several of you who had been to our former rental house will hopefully remember so you can appreciate its transformation. I know nothing formal about yard work, but I am not afraid to get my hands dirty and try….and try I did and […] Read more…

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Beware of the Infection

A few years ago I had gotten a pretty bad eye infection. I put off going to the eye dr for weeks, which may have caused it to get worse. When I finally did seek help, my symptoms included eye pain, sensitivity to light and a migraine. Prescription drops for ten days, and instructions to […] Read more…

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When Irritation Overruns the Blessing

It was 6:02am after a long night of tossing and turning due to a lingering migraine. Sigh…. In bounds my son reminding me of our date at Toys r Us later that morning. He’d been looking forward to it for the last two weeks. Any excitement I had vanished as I realized he was up […] Read more…

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